Thursday, May 24, 2012

Product Review

Have y'all heard about the new big thing in makeup, BB Creams? Well I have. I have read all about them and decided to give one of them a whirl. I heard especially good things about the one by Too Faced. I have their eyeshadow primer as well as lip primer and have been pleased with them so figured why not give this a shot. I popped into my local sephora and checked out my options. The sales associate helped me find the right shade. I have been wearing it for pretty much 2 weeks straight and so far love it. I feel like I can tell a difference. I feel a bit more pulled together which was something I had been wanting. Part of my reasoning behind trying the product was I wanted to feel a bit more pulled together. As I push 30 I wanted to look a touch more pulled together but fear that foundation is way too much for me. So far so good with this product! 2 thumbs up from me and hey it has lots of stars on too!

Oh, and this did add to my initial cost. I asked how to best put it on and the sales associate told me to use a brush.  I got this brush and feel like it goes on smoothly and evenly. I also feel like I don't have to use a ton so even though I had the upfront cost on the brush, I think it will make the product last longer which I love!

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