Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am sure the title of this post just grabbed your attention and made you want to read more.
Belts. I used to not be a big fan of belts. Lately, I feel like they are becoming my 2011 version
of my headband love. For those that don't know me well I had a very intense love with
headbands. It was at it's prime in 2007-2009ish. I still love a headband but they are not my
go to anymore like they used to be. I seriously used to wear a headband pretty much everyday.
I feel like as of late, the belt has been my new headband. I find myself wanting more belts in
fun patterns and colors. They bring an old outfit new life and it seems like I have been getting
lots of compliments on them as well. I wore this neon yellow
one to a dinner the other week and got tons of compliments.
I am currently on the hunt for a gold belt. Not skinny but not huge. I haven't found it yet but I am hunting away. Feel free to share any that you have found. Braided gold is a possibility as well.


  1. I remember your disdain for belts! Does this mean I can start to like them again too? You should do a post about the clothes that are acceptable to wear belts with.

  2. Oh yeah, disdain is good word. Yes, I encourage belts. On top of things, not to hold things like pants up. That might change though. Maybe you will get a personalized email with belt and outfit suggestions!

  3. If I saw you in this getup, I would compliment the yellow belt too. And then I would steal it.