Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something I will force my children to do one day

One day I will have a child or children. One thing I am going to make them do and I am sure they will hate me for it, is work in retail or at a restaurant. I think it makes you a better person. Before my time in retail started years ago at the Banana I would leave a dressing room a wreck with no concern for others. Those days are gone my friends. I try to leave it neat and tidy whenever I leave some place because I know what it's like to open that dressing room door and every single piece of clothing they tried on is on the floor. I have never worked in a restaurant but the same comes from here. We are taught the importance of customer service and pretty much being nice to others. I brunched one Saturday with WJ, LEG, and BH at South Congress Cafe. It was amazing and Marc, our waiter was equally nice. He wasn't too pushy and he was knowledgeable he brought BH a small bowl of olives and didn't judge. You bet his tip was higher than 20%.
Thus, one day my children's will be working in one of these fields for a summer job so they can remember how important it is to treat people nicely, because folks let me tell you, lots of you forget that these people working these jobs are humans too.


  1. How in the h-e-double hockey stick did you remember the waiter's name??? Ooohhh- is that part of the "they are people too" thing? Got it....

  2. Well I wrote this right after we ate and had a better memory of it then! See you soon??