Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A is for Anthropologie

A is for Anthropologie. I love getting their catalogue in the mail and seeing what pretty new things they have. I love going to the store and checking out the sale section because their clothes aren't cheap. I love obsessing over some new piece of clothing they have and going to the store and finding that 1) it's not that great in person or 2) It looks horrid on me. I know those 2 reasons sound depressing and why would something like that be a good thing, well because it saves my pocketbook some dinero.
The one thing I don't like a ton is that their customer service is a little lacking. Yes they will grab the clothes from my hands and start me a room but beyond that I am underwhelmed with the customer service experience I have had there. There always seems to be a long line at check out with only one person ringing people up and they make no attempts to find anyone else to come and help out.
Customer service aside. I like their clothing. Here are a few favorites of mine at the moment.

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