Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facebook Message

I received this facebook message today from a dude who I don't know. Looks like I am getting married soon y'all!

hello,how are you doing? i came across your profile in which your outstanding beauty is irresistible.you look pretty good your face is glittering like a gold, honestly your wonderfully made by creator.i love you just the way you are, i am imagine myself having an angle like you is the best thing that could everhappen in my life.you got every thing i want in a woman, your shape drives me crazy.i want to come into yourlife to share something in common which is love. i need a woman you believe in herself, who knows what she is and likes it,someone who is up and doing, someone who is honest, obedient, humble, caring, God fearing and above all someonewho love and treat people with respect, for a very serious relationship that will lead to spending the rest of life with the woman. someone who does not play with people feeling. something is telling me angle, that we have something in common.i will be the happiest man on earth if you aspect my request, i will be honored together andevery grateful. i will be anticipating for your positive response as soon as possible, you are the reason while i am here,thanks very much and be bless,from Richard.

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