Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh my god we're back again

Last night I rocked it at a New Kids on the Block/BackstreetBoy Concert. KNOTBSB was amazing. They were too cool for school to come to Austin so myself, KS, and LEG made the trek to the Big San Antonio.
A couple of things to note about the concert
1) It was pretty packed. I mean close to sold old. The guys clearly still have it going on
2) Donnie Wahlberg
ripped his
shirt off at one point and went shirtless. The crowd went wild. He is 41 and will be 42 in August. I wikipediaed him
today. His body was still pretty great considering his age. I will say I wonder how he feels
being almost 42 ripping his shirt off on stage and dancing.
3) I miss you Kevin Richardson.
He is the only member of the groups, him being from BSB, who was not on the tour. Kevin was almost my favorite but it
was based purely on looks. He looked like a model not like a boy bander.
4) Jonathon Knight and Danny
Wood are clearly in it for the money. I mean they all are but them the most. They didn't get a lot of face time and I am sure
that is how they wanted it. Jonathon just wants to back north to his real estate life.
5) Nick Carter might have been
on something. That or he just really really wanted to dance. During the ballads he was
clearly have a hard time staying still and wanted to just break it down.
6) AJ might be back on the
booze. He had a bit of the booze looking swelling going on. I am not an expert on these
things but that is what me eyes saw
7) They really liked saying they were in San Antonio. Maybe so
we knew they were singing live. Who know but they said San Antonio no less than 30 times. That's not even an
8) The pulled some of their dance moves from a Step arobics or zumba class.
9) It was awesome. But getting home after 1 am on a school night wasn't.
I think everyone had a blast
and if they toured again I would totes go see them. Now I just need to get NSYNC back together or at least get Justin
to put out another album. Yes I tried to find the best picture of JT.

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