Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday was a horrible day but Tuesday was much better

Monday was pretty much a terrible day. I found out I didn't get the job that I really wanted. I have been applying for jobs and working really hard on finding something new and I really thought this was the perfect job, opportunity, next step etc. but it turns out it wasn't. I acted like a very mature adult and cried at my desk, in my car, at my apartment, and at J crew ( that being the real low point). I woke up today feeling better but still wondering when the world was going to throw me a bone.

The bone was thrown Tuesday. Last Friday I was told I was not longer going to be working in HR. They didn't know where I was going to be going but they would find a place for me. I wasn't happy but I had that potential job I was still waiting to hear from. Job doesn't work out and I am moving out of HR. Life is not bueno.

Tuesday morning I got called into the boss boss's office. Great news, I get to stay in HR, even better news, my crappy co-worker who does nothing will be moving out of our area July 1st. This was the bone I was waiting for. Finally, something was going my way. The additionally good part was that I got the schedule change I wanted too. I asked to work 7:45-5:15 Monday-Thursday and until 12 on Friday aka a half day. It was approved. I know I won't be doing this forever but this sure will make it better for now. This news seriously couldn't have come at a better time because Monday was not a good day in the world of Taylor. Tuesday, much better.

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