Monday, June 20, 2011

love was in the air, literally

A few Thursday's ago LEG and I flew to Chicago to see VT. More on that trip later but first the travel there. AH and I had been emailing and she mentioned she had some free Southwest drink tickets. I drove to her office and picked them up and presented this awesome surprise to LEG.

Fast forward 2ish hrs. We are flying the friendly skies. Ricardo, our steward, was very friendly. We both got excited when they gave us pita chips, a mutual love. LEG asked when they were going to bring honey roasted peanuts back and to our surprise, they had, a few months ago. It might as well have been Christmas on the airplane for the amount of excitement we felt. It grew even more when Ricardo came by and gave LEG about 12 more bags. I suspect they are at her desk at work now for when she needs an afternoon pick me up. We ordered our drinks with the free drink tickets and then the romance began.

Folks, I think Ricardo was in love. In love with me no less. He wanted nothing more than to stand by and chat us up and tell us about the pub crawls he had been on and there were many. The aisle of a plane are small and when others would pass he would push up against my aisle seat. I was one lucky lady. He was called back to work and sadly our love was never fully realized. I feel confident that had he stuck around longer numbers would have been exchanged and he would have been calling me on his next layover in Austin.

A story of missed love. Heartbreaking right? Did I mention his quasi perm he was rocking. Back off ladies he is mine. But missed love it was. You bet I will be checking every Southwest flight from here out for Ricardo. Besos Ricardo, besos.

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