Thursday, November 10, 2011

Expensive Taste

Ugh, why do I have such expensive taste?I love this Kendra Scott necklace
but at close to $300 it sadly won't be mine. I also adore these earrings. I mean the drops are removable so really it's 2 earrings for the price of one.
At $330 they are also a bit out of my range. I found them by going thru another blog to the the main page and I have no idea what Taigan is but they had lots of cute jewelry that I need feel I must have.


  1. Oh I am loving those earrings! Couldn't your super creative mom make some like that? If so I need a pair too!

  2. Sadly the Jan doesn't like to make jewelry much anymore. But if it changes, I will put you on the list!!!

  3. Maybe you CAN have the Drea never know when we may have a flash sale featuring up to 50% off our most popular styles. ;) Thanks so much for the love!