Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The sighting

This is my first foray into the blog world, but since I am a devoted follower of Anchors and Argyle, I jumped at the chance. Also, this blog is about Ryan Gosling-clearly not hard to write about…

As everyone is well aware by now, Ryan Gosling is not the ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’ Well, at least not to People Magazine. I’ve lost faith in them. I know there is a long list of people who agree with me on this. In fact, some have even taken to protesting.

This is all an introduction to my story of seeing Ryan himself IN THE FLESH! We are on a first name basis after the sighting. My best friend, Christine, got married in Austin the same weekend as Fun Fun Fun fest. Little did we know that Ryan Gosling (oh yea, and Roony Mara) were filming there for their upcoming movie. So, imagine our surprise when he walked in to Hangar Lounge after the Rehearsal Dinner. My heart stopped. Not only am I obsessed with reading US Weekly and following the lives of celebrities, but Ryan Gosling is gorgeous! Most of the girls ran and chased him upstairs. On the way up the stairs, he passed within an inch of me. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take pictures because they were filming. But, he kindly mentioned he would have. So not only is he more gorgeous and taller in person, but he’s kind too. So girls, rest assured that your crushes on Ryan are legit. And if I can’t have him, I hope Rachel McAdams gets him back someday.

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