Sunday, January 8, 2012

A resolution

I have made a few resolutions for the year. One of them is to cook once a week. I know how to cook but lots of time am too busy to do it. I am going to make my best effort to cook something every week. Maybe if I get real crazy I will cook twice but we will see. This Sunday seemed like a great day to start the resolution. I read this recipe for a tomato soup on Iowa Girl Eats the other day and thought it was a great first cooking choice. It was super easy and very tasty as well. I will for sure make this again and it made plenty so looks like I have dinner taken care of for a few days. I didn't use canellini beans because HEB didn't have any. Seriously, none. I looked 3 different times. I will use them next time and maybe use more broth as well and perhaps add some additional veggies to it like zucchini or something. Two thumbs up!

Pardon the crappy camera phone photo. Much better pictures on Iowa Girl Eats!

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