Monday, July 12, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

My DVR is very backed up and I have been watching this season of How I Met your Mother and was reminded how funny this show is and how much I love it. Seriously if you are not watching this show you must must must tune it. Neil Patrick Harris as well as the rest of the cast are hilarious. In my favorite episode I watched last night Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney was taking a break from his usual suit wearing. He was trying to hook up with the hot new female bartender but she dislikes men in suits. He brings her home to her room and she is going to the use the bathroom when she opens his closet and is confronted with all his suits. She says “Are these yours?” he responds “ No I am suit sitting for someone.” Classic and then the episode ends with him singing and dancing in the streets about suits. What more could you want? What more I wanted was Tim Gunn and yes he made a special appearance in the episode as well. It was legen…wait for it…dary.

Oh and I have a major crush on Jason Segel.

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