Thursday, July 22, 2010

It’s a Slippery Slope

I knew this day would come and I am not too ashamed to admit it. As too old as I am for the shows on the CW, I am way too old for shows on ABC Family. But this summer I find myself stuck. With nothing much on tv I have been sucked into ABC Family. They currently have me interested in 3 shows. To be honest it all started with Pretty Little Liars, you know pretty high school girls who share a dirty secret while also dating men that are over the age of 18, but more on that in a bit. Then during that show I saw a preview for Huge, about teens, tweens whatever you want to call them, at fat camp. I believe one of the characters on this show is David Hasseholf’s daughter. And finally there is Secret Life of the American Teenager. Once babysitting/ supervising a 14 year old we watched this and I was intrigued. Since I was going DVR crazy with the ABC Family I figured why not add another show to the mix.
Most of my friends are fair to mature to watch the crap I watch but I did discover one friend AH has been tuning into Pretty Little Liar, or PLL as I want to call it and we had quite the discussion about it. I was happy to talk about it with someone near my age vs the 19ish year old I work with at the Crew. AH and I had a big convo on the age of the characters. Why would this be important, well because one of them is having an affair with her teacher and another is now seeing her older sister’s ex-fiance and that relationship was called off because the older sister say the fiancé at the time kissing her baby sister. I am hoping they are seniors and 18 so it is a little less creepy but to be honest, it is still a little creepy. It’s not like it’s the summer before they go off to college either. They are very clearly still enrolled in high school. Oh ABC Family all kinds of creepy almost as creepy as me being 27 and tuning in.

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