Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I should just name my blog "For the love of Bravo" because I seem to have a lot to say about the various shows I see on this fine network. This morning I have been catching up on the past 2 episodes of Bethenny Getting Married and have decided that I really love me some Bethenny Frankel. If I lived in NYC I would have been trying to become her assistant and would have been a far better choice than Max. She has such great one liners and always puts a smile on my face.

Also on the Bravo note, I find myself not that interested in watching the Housewives of DC. I have 2 episodes on the DVR but am not sure how long it will stay around on my series record. The first episode is going to have to grab me from the get go otherwise it will be a no go for me!

Thank God Flipping Out is back because Jeff Lewis rules! Here he is with his partner in crime Jenni. Love these two and hope to run into them in an airport or gas station one day

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  1. OMG- i don't know how anybody in their right mind like this idiot. He is degrading towards his staff, and he wines way too much. That poor made he treats like shit, hey asshole slavery went out centuries ago. Get him off the air because he's very abusive mentally.....