Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Olsen Twins

Tonight while shutting down the Crew a co-worker and I were talking about the musical Annie. I sang some songs and he told me I needed a record deal. But in the real world he asked me if I remembered back when the Olsen Twins were young and had an album, Brother for Sale. Boy did I ever. I think broke into song for Brother for Sale and their other smash hit Desperate for a Dog. If you are not familiar with these classics I suggest getting on youtube and listening to them ASAP. With lines like " We've asked you politely for a year or so. You always say you'll see about it then you never do. Are friends all have got dogs how does that make you feel.." I could go on but you get how good it is. Even more shocking is how now, about 17 years later I know these words and it is like they never left my head. No wonder I was never able to memorize where all the countries were. My head was filled with crappy Mary Kate and Ashley lyrics. I hope my number one blog commenter Jay knows what songs I am talking about otherwise this posting might not be up to par. This is my shout out to you Jay, thanks for reading!

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