Saturday, August 28, 2010


When I saw that Jennifer Aniston's latest movie was a flop, it made me wonder what was her last movie that wasn't a flop? People keep hiring her but I don't feel like she is really justifying her paycheck. Let me say, I did not care enough about this actual topic to do some research and figure out exactly how much she is making per movie but at what point do the director realize she is not worth the 3-4 million she is probably getting paid per movie. I'm just saying, we loved you on Friends but since then what have you done other than ended up on the cover of tabloids for always getting your heart broken and being single. That or your killer body. Kudos my friend!

Someone else not justifying their paycheck, The Situation. He is set to make 5 million this year. I mean really?!?!? I guess I have to give his people credit for striking while the iron is hot because we know in about 2 years he is going be doing nothing. Sounds like he is getting endorsements while also getting $60,000 an episode for Jersey Shore. That is a crazy amount money. I am pretty sure my shooting stars on One Tree Hill are not making that per episode and we know that show has been on forever. I also hope he has a financial advisor so he invests this money properly and doesn't spend all of it GTLing.

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