Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kate Spade

Dear Kate Spade-
I had love for you in middle school, or was it high school. I remember asking for one of your purses in red and it was classic and perfect. I also had a wallet by you that I loved until I spilled a drink in my purse and it was ruined as well as my cell phone and camera. We broke up during college and a bit post college but I find myself coming back to you now. Now it is not so much the purses as your amazing shoes and clothing. I waited months and months for these purples heels to go on sale before I bought them because they might be some of the most fab. shoes I have ever seen. I mean look at them. Now I have come across this particular dress as well and feel like I must add it to my wardrobe. At the price tag of $355 it won't be getting added anytime soon since I am working on my debt but I will continue to check the website every week to see if and when it goes on sale. I emailed items that I loved by you to my BFF CP one day and I think she asked why I didn't just link her to the whole site because that is how many items I included. Your design as well as your color choices are impeccable. Please keep up the good work. Oh and yes, I do love the color purple

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  1. Still have my Kate Spade wallet & purse that I saved for & bought freshman (or sophomore) year. They have a reserved spot in my closet-just can't part with them. I do LOVE her clothes & shoes now. I never quite make it over to the KS store in the Galleria but I always admire her clothes from a safe distance at Nordstrom.

    The shoes & dress have you written them all over them. I'm thinking a great New Years Eve/B-day outfit!