Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lebron James

Have I mentioned my crush/wanting to be best friends with Lebron James? No I haven't, well it is just that. I kind of want to be best friends with him. I want to see him dance and tell some funny stories. I have seen youtubes of his dance moves and they look fantastic and he seems pretty normal and down to earth and I am sure if we met we would be friends. Well until that happens, I will settle for seeing him play basketball. My friend HB lives in Miami and with his move to the Heat I have tasked her with becoming friends with him and getting us in good. I think this is a solid plan because like other cities everyone knows everyone, right? Sure he kind of screwed the Cavaliers over in his move and his whole hour long special to announce what people already knew was going to happen, but he just wants to win a championship. I do hope he brings the chalk to Miami.

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