Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pine Cones

Today I was tooling around on the internet like I normally do and came across a stamp of a pine cone. Then it got me thinking about pine cones more. I think when the heat is gone here in Austin and it is fall, or maybe just when it is fall since the heat will be around until November. That is neither here nor there, so when it is fall I want to decorate my apt. with some pine cones but I want to spray paint them silver and gold. Wouldn't that look super cute? Just kind of scattered about? When I went to San Antonio a month or so ago my friend SB was talking about all the spray painting they were doing of stuff and it got me thinking about what I would want to spray paint. I have 2 new pieces of art that came in not very stellar frames that would be fun to spray paint a color. There might be some arts and craftings going on in my apt. in the near future. I suggested my friend AH spray paint a chandelier for her baby's room yesterday. I am going to be a spray painting fool soon.


  1. You may have been around that spray paint too long.

  2. Too bad you dont live here bc little C gathered up pine cones a couple weeks ago, put them in zip-lock baggies, made a sign, and was selling them for a $1.00. And she only picked the good ones too!