Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

Not to dwell on the wedding issues of late, but I have been looking at lots of bridesmaid dresses. My BFF, CP, is in a wedding in the fall and she had 4 styles to pick from so naturally I looked at those 4 styles and then more and then wedding dresses. It is a slippery slope once you get into the looking. Well I came across what I can only describe as my dream bridesmaid dress. It has a lovely ruffle v neck which I am sure would look great on anyone. Lula Kate also seems to have the best, most rich colors, to pick from. I want to meet this designer and tell her how much I love what she is doing to make bridesmaid dresses look chic and not bridesmaid like. The BFF does not love ruffles as much as I do but came up with 2 other options. This and this I also adore them. I love the idea of giving your special ladies the option between a dress or 2. Strapless is a less than desirable look on me so I don’t own anything strapless. CP, on the other hand, looks divine in strapless. I think it was made for her. Anytime I see a dress that is strapless that I like, I send it to her, because that is what friends do. That and they g chat each other dresses while talking on the phone to each other about the finer points of each one. You have to do these things when you live 1,164 miles from each other. Yes, I did just google how far apart we are.

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