Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spotted at Breakfast

This morning my friend JA sent me the email titled Spotted at Breakfast and this is what he saw:

1. A man wearing an FBI shirt. When I say fbi shirt it means: federal bureau of intoxication....yea, spring break never ends...
2. Bad parenting spot: child who can walk and talk (I am guessing 2-3) being allowed to eat french fries and a grilled cheese at 9am.

On the bad parenting note, I am pretty sure JA's parents would have feed him the same meal as a child if it would have calmed him down. He was a rather wild child, well, still is.

A second breakfast spotting was sent a few minutes later:

Man walking in with a motorcycle helmet that had Yosemite Sam on the back saying "back off".

My response: I love anything that involves a cartoon character...not
Yes, I am still trying to bring back the phrase NOT.

1 comment:

  1. doesn't avalon diner serve french fries and grilled cheese all day?? )