Monday, June 7, 2010


This weekend I spent about 16ish hrs in the car driving to Oklahoma and back. You are probably wondering what on God’s green earth would possess me to drive to OK for the weekend. A bachelorette party duh!!! My of my dear friends from college DM soon to be DV...I just now realized her initials will be DMV, is getting married at the end of the month and had a river float trip. It was a blast and made all the time in the car worth it! There were around 38 people there for the float and we made quite the pack of ladies floating down the river. My other good college friend RT was there and had the waterproof camera that along with I think everyone else’s was lost along the way. I may be for the best. I was so happy for DM that so many people came out to wish her well. I made lots of new friends and paddled some of them back home at the end of the long long long 7 hr float. It was a lot of sun and a lot of beer but a marvelous day overall. I wish we had a sharpie or quote book with us because we had lots of good ones. Some were written on my leg until I decided to reapply my sunscreen and away they went. To all the ladies I met, I can’t wait to see you in KS at the end of the month when I again will be making the drive. I still have an opening in my hotel room and have no doubt that the wedding will be as much fun as this weekend!

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  1. Thanks for paddling me back to dry land and i managed to save some of the quotes from my leg. From the Bride to Be, "Some say why, I say why not" DM :)