Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More wedding fun

I am obsessed with photo booths at weddings. They make my evening/life. I could hang out in them all night long. At a friend's wedding in October I probably went into the photo booth like 20 times. This is just one of the pics I took and with the pirate hat it was also a nod to my love of nautical thingsAt LE, soon to be LG's upcoming October wedding, there will be a photo booth. She does not really want to have the accessories which upsets me because I do love them. I told her that was okay, I would bring a backpack with my own. Her response started with "So help me God if I see you with giant sunglasses.." I am hoping I can get her to change her mind on this. I have also emailed this great mustache look to her. There is still time for her to come around to this idea.

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