Sunday, June 20, 2010


I love Costco, but not so much the whole going to Costco. Here is the thing, every stupid person in Austin, or whatever city's Costco you are in, goes to Costco. They bring all 80 million of their children with them and then walk in a very slow line in front of me. I am usually on a mission and know what I need to pick up but these people are always in front of me. I want to just clear my throat real deep to get them out of my way but that would be rude. The one kind of saving grace at Costco is Self checkout. Most of these stupid people aren't smart enough to do it so I can to hang out with the other people on a mission at Costco so we move it along quickly. I now realize in saying this I have probably jinxed this one hi-light in a Costco trip.

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