Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Jaded Archer

This past Saturday my good friend AJS told me a story about how she could have been a famous archer. I had never heard about her and archery in the same sentence so I was intrigued. When she was younger, like 3rd grade, they pretty much spent the whole summer at a Club Med while her father was a Dr. there. They had a trapeze, water sports, and a kids club, but what AJS loved the most was archery. She also recalls her 3rd grade self as being awesome at archery and really having the makings of a champion. Looking back she blames her mother for not supporting her and her budding Olympian status. I told her it is not too late and to try again with her passion. She said “ Well Gena Davis did just try out for the team recently” I am ready to go and cheer on AJS at our next summer games, now get to shooting.

This is the future of the American Olympic Team.

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